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VPS35 Vps35p

VPS35, Vps35p
This gene belongs to a group of vacuolar protein sorting (VPS) genes. The encoded protein is a component of a large multimeric complex, termed the retromer complex, involved in retrograde transport of proteins from endosomes to the trans-Golgi network. The close structural similarity between the yeast and human proteins that make up this complex suggests a similarity in function. Expression studies in yeast and mammalian cells indicate that this protein interacts directly with VPS35, which serves as the core of the retromer complex. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Vps29, Vps26, CAN, LRRK2, V1a
Papers using VPS35 antibodies
Rab8 is involved in zymogen granule formation in pancreatic acinar AR42J cells
da Cruz e Silva Odete AB et al., In Molecular Neurodegeneration, 2007
... polyclonal goat clathrin antibody (ICN Immunobiologicals), anti-cathepsin D (lysosomal marker) monoclonal antibody (BD Biosciences), and polyclonal anti-VPS35 C-20 goat antibody (Santa Cruz Biotechnology).
Papers on VPS35
Retromer vesicles interact with RNA granules in haploid male germ cells.
Kotaja et al., Turku, Finland. In Mol Cell Endocrinol, 05 Jan 2015
We identified a novel interaction between VPS26A/VPS35-containing retromer vesicles and the chromatoid body (CB), which is a large ribonucleoprotein (RNP) granule unique to haploid male germ cells.
Genetic variability of the retromer cargo recognition complex in parkinsonism.
Farrer et al., Vancouver, Canada. In Mov Disord, 05 Jan 2015
BACKGROUND: A pathogenic mutation (VPS35 p.D620N) within the retromer complex has been shown to segregate with late-onset Parkinson's disease (PD).
Myrosin Cell Development Is Regulated by Endocytosis Machinery and PIN1 Polarity in Leaf Primordia of Arabidopsis thaliana.
Hara-Nishimura et al., Kyoto, Japan. In Plant Cell, 26 Dec 2014
By contrast, myrosin cell development was not affected by deficiencies of vacuolar trafficking factors, including the vacuolar sorting receptor VSR1 and the retromer components VPS29 and VPS35, suggesting that endocytic pathway rather than vacuolar trafficking pathway is important for myrosin cell development.
Retromer-dependent neurotransmitter receptor trafficking to synapses is altered by the Parkinson's Disease VPS35 mutation p.D620N.
Farrer et al., Vancouver, Canada. In Hum Mol Genet, 21 Dec 2014
UNLABELLED: Vacuolar protein sorting 35 (VPS35) is a core component of the retromer complex, crucial to endosomal protein sorting and intracellular trafficking.
Neural stem cells in Parkinson's disease: a role for neurogenesis defects in onset and progression.
Schwamborn et al., Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. In Cell Mol Life Sci, 18 Dec 2014
Indeed, animal models deficient in Nurr1, Pitx3, SNCA and PINK1 display deregulated embryonic neurogenesis and LRRK2 and VPS35 have been implicated in neuronal development-related processes such as Wnt/╬▓-catenin signaling and neurite outgrowth.
Identification of molecular heterogeneity in SNX27-retromer-mediated endosome-to-plasma-membrane recycling.
Cullen et al., Sendai, Japan. In J Cell Sci, 15 Dec 2014
Here, we have employed quantitative proteomics to define the interactome of human VPS35, the core retromer component.
Disease Penetrance of Late-Onset Parkinsonism: A Meta-analysis.
Farrer et al., Vancouver, Canada. In Jama Neurol, 20 Nov 2014
Importance: Mutations in SNCA, LRRK2, VPS35, EIF4G1, and DNAJC13 have been implicated in late-onset familial parkinsonism.
In vivo evidence of pathogenicity of VPS35 mutations in the Drosophila.
Tan et al., In Mol Brain, 08 Nov 2014
UNLABELLED: Mutations of VPS35, a component of the retromer complex have been associated with late onset familial Parkinson┬┐s disease.
Update on novel familial forms of Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy.
Wszolek et al., Jacksonville, United States. In Parkinsonism Relat Disord, Jan 2014
Next-generation sequencing approaches in familial PD have identified mutations in the VPS35 gene.
Genetics of Parkinson's disease--state of the art, 2013.
Bonifati, Rotterdam, Netherlands. In Parkinsonism Relat Disord, Jan 2014
Highly-penetrant mutations in different genes (SNCA, LRRK2, VPS35, Parkin, PINK1, and DJ-1) are known to cause rare monogenic forms of the disease.
Genetics of Parkinson's disease: the yield.
Wider et al., Lausanne, Switzerland. In Parkinsonism Relat Disord, Jan 2014
Monogenic causes include autosomal dominantly (SNCA, LRRK2, VPS35, EIF4G1) as well as recessively (PARK2, PINK1, DJ-1) inherited mutations.
The VPS35 gene and Parkinson's disease.
Jankovic et al., Changsha, China. In Mov Disord, May 2013
Recently, the identification of the vacuolar protein sorting 35 homolog gene (VPS35), linked to autosomal dominant late-onset PD, has provided new clues to the pathogenesis of PD.
Monogenic Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism: clinical phenotypes and frequencies of known mutations.
Puschmann, Lund, Sweden. In Parkinsonism Relat Disord, Apr 2013
Mutations in seven genes are robustly associated with autosomal dominant (SNCA, LRRK2, EIF4G1, VPS35) or recessive (parkin/PARK2, PINK1, DJ1/PARK7) Parkinson's disease (PD) or parkinsonism.
Contribution of VPS35 genetic variability to LBD in the Flanders-Belgian population.
Theuns et al., Antwerp, Belgium. In Neurobiol Aging, 2012
Hence, our data do not support a major role for VPS35 variations in the genetic etiology of Lewy body disorders in the Flanders-Belgian population.
Vacuolar protein sorting 35 Asp620Asn mutation is rare in the ethnic Chinese population with Parkinson's disease.
Chen et al., Shanghai, China. In Parkinsonism Relat Disord, 2012
This study suggested that VPS35 Asp620Asn may be not associated with PD in Chinese population.
Multiple repeat elements within the FAM21 tail link the WASH actin regulatory complex to the retromer.
Rosen et al., Dallas, United States. In Mol Biol Cell, 2012
Data show that a component of the WASH regulatory complex (SHRC), FAM21, directly interacts with the retromer CSC protein VPS35.
Identification of VPS35 mutations replicated in French families with Parkinson disease.
French Parkinson's Disease Genetics Study Group et al., Toulouse, France. In Neurology, 2012
We have extended the number of autosomal dominant PD families with VPS35 mutations to 13 families, worldwide; D620N is the most frequent.
The Asp620asn mutation in VPS35 is not a common cause of familial Parkinson's disease.
Goldwurm et al., In Mov Disord, 2012
Failed to find any case of VPS35 pAsp620Asn mutation in a cohort of Italian patients with familial Parkinson disease.
Functional architecture of the retromer cargo-recognition complex.
Hurley et al., Bethesda, United States. In Nature, 2007
crystal structure of a VPS29-VPS35 subcomplex showing how the metallophosphoesterase-fold subunit VPS29 acts as a scaffold for the carboxy-terminal half of VPS35
The mammalian retromer regulates transcytosis of the polymeric immunoglobulin receptor.
Mostov et al., San Francisco, United States. In Nat Cell Biol, 2004
The other is the Vps35p-Vps29p-Vps26p subcomplex, which provides cargo specificity.
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