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PEX13 Pex13p

Pex13p, PEX13
This gene encodes a peroxisomal membrane protein that binds the type 1 peroxisomal targeting signal receptor via a SH3 domain located in the cytoplasm. Mutations and deficiencies in peroxisomal protein importing and peroxisome assembly lead to peroxisomal biogenesis disorders, an example of which is Zellweger syndrome. [provided by RefSeq, Oct 2008] (from NCBI)
Papers on Pex13p
Reducing PEX13 expression ameliorates physiological defects of late-acting peroxin mutants.
Bartel et al., Houston, United States. In Traffic, 2011
pex13-1 allele had deleterious effects when combined with pex5-1 and pex14-2, which are defective in early-acting peroxins, as shown by reduced matrix protein import and enhanced physiological defects
PEX13 deficiency in mouse brain as a model of Zellweger syndrome: abnormal cerebellum formation, reactive gliosis and oxidative stress.
Crane et al., Brisbane, Australia. In Dis Model Mech, 2011
PEX13 deficiency leads to mitochondria-mediated oxidative stress, neuronal cell death and impairment of cerebellar development.
Targeting of Pex8p to the peroxisomal importomer.
Erdmann et al., Bochum, Germany. In Eur J Cell Biol, 2010
Data demonstrate that Pex8p is capable to interact with the PTS2-receptor Pex7p and the docking complex component Pex13p with its C-terminal SH3-domain providing the binding site.
Zellweger syndrome caused by PEX13 deficiency: report of two novel mutations.
Alkuraya et al., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In Am J Med Genet A, 2009
Zellweger syndrome caused by PEX13 deficiency: report of two novel mutations.
The peroxin loss-of-function mutation abstinence by mutual consent disrupts male-female gametophyte recognition.
Schroeder et al., San Diego, United States. In Curr Biol, 2008
AMC is strongly and transiently expressed in both male and female gametophytes during fertilization and functions in gametophytes as a peroxin essential for protein import into peroxisomes.
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