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Monoamine oxidase A

Monoamine Oxidase, MAO
enzyme involved in the oxidative deamination of biogenic and xenobiotic amines [RGD, Feb 2006] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: MAO-B, CAN, HAD, ACID, V1a
Papers on Monoamine Oxidase
The effect of cultivation media and washing whole-cell biocatalysts on monoamine oxidase catalyzed oxidative desymmetrization of 3-azabicyclo[3,3,0]octane.
Woodley et al., Denmark. In Enzyme Microb Technol, 29 Feb 2016
The results are illustrated using a recombinant monoamine oxidase (expressed in Escherichia coli, used in resting state) for the oxidative desymmetrization of 3-azabicyclo[3,3,0]octane. It was shown that the need for washing biocatalyst prior to use in a reaction is dependent upon growth medium.
Enhanced osseointegration of hierarchical micro/nano-topographic titanium fabricated by micro-arc oxidation and electrochemical treatment.
Jiang et al., In Acs Appl Mater Interfaces, 20 Feb 2016
Micro-arc oxidation (MAO) fabricated titanium oxide coatings with a porous topography have been proved to be a potent approach to enhance osteogenic capacity.
AChE inhibition-based multi-target-directed ligands, a novel pharmacological approach for the symptomatic and disease-modifying therapy of Alzheimer's disease.
Chen et al., Shanghai, China. In Curr Neuropharmacol, 18 Feb 2016
Herein, we delineated the catalytic and non-catalytic functions of AChE, and summarized the works of our group and others in research and development of novel AChEI-based multi-target-directed ligands (MTDLs), such as dual binding site AChEIs and multi-target AChEIs inhibiting Aβ aggregation, regulating Aβ procession, antagonizing PAF receptor, scavenging oxygen radical, chelating metal ions, inhibiting MAO-B, blocking NMDA receptor and others.
Association of DNA methylation and monoamine oxidase a gene expression in the brains of different dog breeds.
Kim et al., Pusan, South Korea. In Gene, 16 Feb 2016
UNASSIGNED: The monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) gene is an important candidate gene for human behavior that encodes an enzyme regulating the metabolism of key neurotransmitters.
Behavioral and pharmacokinetic interactions between monoamine oxidase inhibitors and the hallucinogen 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine.
Halberstadt, San Diego, United States. In Pharmacol Biochem Behav, 15 Feb 2016
We have shown previously that monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) inhibitors alter the locomotor profile of the hallucinogen 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) in rats, and enhance its interaction with 5-HT2A receptors.
The role of monoamine oxidase a in aggression: Current translational developments and future challenges.
Bortolato et al., Lawrence, United States. In Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, 08 Feb 2016
In particular, converging lines of evidence have documented that these maladaptive manifestations of aggression are influenced by monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), the enzyme that catalyzes the degradation of brain serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.
Manipulation of neurotransmitter levels has differential effects on formalin evoked nociceptive behaviour in male and female mice.
Kerr et al., Edmonton, Canada. In J Pain, 31 Jan 2016
The monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor phenelzine (PLZ), its metabolite phenylethylidenehydrazine (PEH), and a derivative compound of PLZ, N(2)-acetylphenelzine (N(2)-AcPLZ), were used to elevate endogenous levels of: GABA, 5-HT and NA (PLZ); GABA alone (PEH); or 5-HT and NA only (N(2)-AcPLZ).
Novel (Hetero)arylalkenyl propargylamine compounds are protective in toxin-induced models of Parkinson's disease.
Sperlágh et al., Budapest, Hungary. In Mol Neurodegener, 31 Dec 2015
In dopaminergic neurons, monoamines and their metabolites provide an additional source of reactive free radicals during their breakdown by monoamine oxidase or auto-oxidation.
In Vitro and in Vivo Neuroprotective Effects of Walnut (Juglandis Semen) in Models of Parkinson's Disease.
Oh et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Int J Mol Sci, 31 Dec 2015
UNASSIGNED: Monoamine oxidase (MAO) catalyzes the oxidative deamination of monoamines including dopamine (DA).
Inhibition and oxygen activation in copper amine oxidases.
Dooley et al., Bozeman, United States. In Acc Chem Res, Jun 2015
Inhibition of these enzymes by antifungal or antiprotozoal agents, as well as classic monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, may contribute to the adverse side effects associated with drug treatment.
Involvement of Bcl-2-associated athanogene (BAG)-family proteins in the neuroprotection by rasagiline.
Tang et al., Changsha, China. In Int J Clin Exp Med, 2014
Rasagiline, a novel monoamine oxidase (MAO)-B inhibitor, has a mild to moderate effect in relieving Parkinson's disease (PD) symptoms as well as unique neuroprotective effects.
Long-term effectiveness of dopamine agonists and monoamine oxidase B inhibitors compared with levodopa as initial treatment for Parkinson's disease (PD MED): a large, open-label, pragmatic randomised trial.
Clarke et al., In Lancet, 2014
BACKGROUND: Whether initial treatment for Parkinson's disease should consist of levodopa, dopamine agonists, or monoamine oxidase type B inhibitors (MAOBI) is uncertain.
GABA from reactive astrocytes impairs memory in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease.
Lee et al., Taejŏn, South Korea. In Nat Med, 2014
Here, we show that reactive astrocytes aberrantly and abundantly produce the inhibitory gliotransmitter GABA by monoamine oxidase-B (Maob) and abnormally release GABA through the bestrophin 1 channel.
Pharmacological treatment of Parkinson disease: a review.
Lang et al., Hamilton, Canada. In Jama, 2014
RESULTS: Although levodopa is the most effective medication available for treating the motor symptoms of Parkinson disease, in certain instances (eg, mild symptoms, tremor as the only or most prominent symptom, aged <60 years) other medications (eg, monoamine oxidase type B inhibitors [MAOBIs], amantadine, anticholinergics, β-blockers, or dopamine agonists) may be initiated first to avoid levodopa-related motor complications.
Genetic mediators of neurocognitive outcomes in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Pui et al., Memphis, United States. In J Clin Oncol, 2013
Polymorphisms in monoamine oxidase (T1460CA) were associated with increased attention variability (P = .03).
Apolipoprotein E influences melatonin biosynthesis by regulating NAT and MAOA expression in C6 cells.
Zhou et al., Hefei, China. In J Pineal Res, 2012
A higher level of melatonin was demonstrated in cultured ApoE4-C6 cells than in ApoE3-C6 cells. NAT was up-regulated in ApoE4-C6 cells compared with ApoE3-C6 cells, and MAOA and MAOB expression decreased in ApoE4-C6 cells.
²H kinetic isotope effects and pH dependence of catalysis as mechanistic probes of rat monoamine oxidase A: comparisons with the human enzyme.
Edmondson et al., Atlanta, United States. In Biochemistry, 2011
Rat MAO A exhibits functional properties similar but not identical with those of the human enzyme, providing additional support for C-H bond cleavage via a polar nucleophilic mechanism
Topological probes of monoamine oxidases A and B in rat liver mitochondria: inhibition by TEMPO-substituted pargyline analogues and inactivation by proteolysis.
Edmondson et al., Atlanta, United States. In Biochemistry, 2011
investigation of topological orientation of MAO-A (and MAO-B) in liver mitochondrial membranes
High-level expression and purification of rat monoamine oxidase A (MAO A) in Pichia pastoris: comparison with human MAO A.
Edmondson et al., Atlanta, United States. In Protein Expr Purif, 2010
Although approximately 90% identical in sequence to human MAO A, rat MAO A is a more efficient catalyst for amine neurotransmitter oxidation.
Gonadectomy and hormone replacement exert region- and enzyme isoform-specific effects on monoamine oxidase and catechol-O-methyltransferase activity in prefrontal cortex and neostriatum of adult male rats.
Kritzer et al., Stony Brook, United States. In Neuroscience, 2010
significant effects of hormone replacement and gonadectomy on catechol-O-methyltransferase and monoamine oxidase isoforms in both striatum and cortex
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