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Methionyl-tRNA synthetase

MARS, SLA2, end4, Methionine-tRNA Ligase, Sla2p, MetRS
This gene encodes a member of the class I family of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. These enzymes play a critical role in protein biosynthesis by charging tRNAs with their cognate amino acids. The encoded protein is a component of the multi-tRNA synthetase complex and catalyzes the ligation of methionine to tRNA molecules. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2011] (from NCBI)
Papers using MARS antibodies
Assesment of relation between cognitive vulnerability and depression’s level by using classification and regression tree analysis
Kayri M, In Iranian Journal of Public Health, 2007
... Data set to which MARS method is applied is taken from the Internet Dependency Scale (IDS), developed by Günüç (2009) ...
Papers on MARS
Dual role of methionyl-tRNA synthetase in the regulation of translation and tumor suppressor activity of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-interacting multifunctional protein-3.
Kim et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012
Data show that aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-interacting multifunctional protein-3 (AIMP3)/p18 is released from aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-interacting multifunctional protein-3 (AIMP3) by UV irradiation-induced stress.
Mutations in the mitochondrial methionyl-tRNA synthetase cause a neurodegenerative phenotype in flies and a recessive ataxia (ARSAL) in humans.
Bellen et al., Houston, United States. In Plos Biol, 2011
MARS2 is mutated in Autosomal Recessive Spastic Ataxia with Leukoencephalopathy patients.
Clathrin light chain directs endocytosis by influencing the binding of the yeast Hip1R homologue, Sla2, to F-actin.
Lemmon et al., Miami, United States. In Mol Biol Cell, 2011
CLC directs endocytic progression by pruning the Sla2-actin attachments in the clathrin lattice, providing direction for membrane internalization
The Src-like adaptor protein regulates GM-CSFR signaling and monocytic dendritic cell maturation.
McGlade et al., Toronto, Canada. In J Immunol, 2011
In bone marrow-derived dendritic cells lacking SLAP and closely related SLAP2, downregulation of the granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF)beta receptor is impaired.
Roles of Src-like adaptor protein 2 (SLAP-2) in GPVI-mediated platelet activation SLAP-2 and GPVI signaling.
Kimura et al., Hiroshima, Japan. In Thromb Res, 2010
In platelets, SLAP-2 may have function as a negative regulator of GPVI-mediated signaling by interacting with c-Cbl.
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