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RNA binding motif protein 5

G-15, H37, 1-Acylglycerol-3-Phosphate O-Acyltransferase, RBM5
This gene is a candidate tumor suppressor gene which encodes a nuclear RNA binding protein that is a component of the spliceosome A complex. The encoded protein plays a role in the induction of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis through pre-mRNA splicing of multiple target genes including the tumor suppressor protein p53. This gene is located within the tumor suppressor region 3p21.3, and may play a role in the inhibition of tumor transformation and progression of several malignancies including lung cancer. [provided by RefSeq, Oct 2011] (from NCBI)
Papers using G-15 antibodies
Tuberculosis associated with infliximab, a tumor necrosis factor α-neutralizing agent
Paleolog Ewa M et al., In Arthritis Research & Therapy, 2000
... H37 Ra (Difco Becton Dickinson, Cowley, Oxford, UK) ...
Papers on G-15
Solution structure of the second RRM domain of RBM5 and its unusual binding characters for different RNA targets.
Shi et al., Hefei, China. In Biochemistry, 2012
NMR data analysis of RBM5 RRM2 reveals several features of protein-RNA interfaces. The most striking observation is the presence of two preferred target RNA sequences, the sequences [5'-(CUCUUC)-3'] and [5'-(GAGAAG)-3'].
Tumor suppressor RBM5 directly interacts with the DExD/H-box protein DHX15 and stimulates its helicase activity.
Li et al., Beijing, China. In Febs Lett, 2012
Data suggest that G-patch domain of RBM5 is indispensable for its ability to interact with DHX15; RBM5 stimulates helicase activity of DHX15 in a G-patch domain-dependent manner.
p53 transactivation is involved in the antiproliferative activity of the putative tumor suppressor RBM5.
Brachmann et al., Sapporo, Japan. In Int J Cancer, 2011
p53 transactivation is involved in the antiproliferative activity of the putative tumor suppressor RBM5.
RBM5/H37 tumor suppressor, located at the lung cancer hot spot 3p21.3, alters expression of genes involved in metastasis.
Slamon et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Lung Cancer, 2010
alters expression of genes involved in metastasis
Identification and characterisation of a novel antisense non-coding RNA from the RBM5 gene locus.
Sutherland et al., Greater Sudbury, Canada. In Gene, 2009
LUST is a novel, functional, non-coding RNA that plays a role in determining the apoptotic fate of a cell by regulating the expression of RBM5 splice variants.
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