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Adrenergic, alpha-1B-, receptor

alpha 1B-adrenoceptor, alpha 1B-adrenergic receptor, alpha 1B-adrenergic receptor gene
couples with G alpha(h) (transglutaminase II) to activate phospholipase C; facilitates Ca2+ release and capacitative Ca2+ entry [RGD, Feb 2006] (from NCBI)
Papers on alpha 1B-adrenoceptor
Epinephrine-dependent control of glucose metabolism in white adipose tissue: the role of α- and β-adrenergic signalling.
Kazdova et al., Praha, Czech Republic. In Exp Biol Med (maywood), 2012
alpha- and beta-adrenergic signalling has a role in epinephrine-dependent control of glucose metabolism in white adipose tissue
NOX2 activated by α1-adrenoceptors modulates hepatic metabolic routes stimulated by β-adrenoceptors.
Piña et al., Mexico. In Free Radic Res, 2011
NOX2 activated by alpha1-adrenoceptors modulates hepatic metabolic routes stimulated by beta-adrenoceptors
The contribution of α1B-adrenoceptor subtype in the renal vasculature of fructose-fed Sprague-Dawley rats.
Johns et al., George Town, Malaysia. In Eur J Nutr, 2011
Data indicate that Adra1b is the functional subtype that mediates renal cortical vasoconstriction in control rats; high fructose feeding [inducing hyperinsulinemia] influences functionality of Adra1b in mediating renal cortical hemodynamic changes.
Influence of high dietary sodium intake on the functional subtypes of alpha-adrenoceptors in the renal cortical vasculature of Wistar-Kyoto rats.
Johns et al., George Town, Malaysia. In Auton Autacoid Pharmacol, 2009
Irrespective of dietary sodium content, in Wistar-Kyoto rats, alpha(1A)- and alpha(1D)-subtypes are the major alpha(1)-adrenoceptors in renal cortical vasculature. Alpha(1B)-adrenoceptors appear also to be involved in high dietary sodium rats.
Gene expression of adrenoceptors in the hearts of cold-acclimated rats exposed to a novel stressor.
Kvetnanský et al., Bratislava, Slovakia. In Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2008
Results show that expression of different adrenoceptor subtypes in the heart is regulated differently by various stressors, and suggest a protective role of beta(2)-, beta(3)-AR, and alpha(1B)-AR in the process of heart adaptation to chronic stress.
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