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Glass bottom boat

Papers using 60A antibodies
Interaction of Dicationic Bis(imidazoliumyl)-porphyrinatometals with DNA
Shim Young Key et al., In International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2002
... Silica gel 60A (230–400 mesh, Merck) was used for column ...
Papers on 60A
A large bioactive BMP ligand with distinct signaling properties is produced by alternative proconvertase processing.
Wharton et al., Providence, United States. In Sci Signal, 2012
Data indicate that Gbb38, the large ligand form of the glass bottom boat (Gbb) exhibited greater signaling activity and a longer range than the shorter form Gbb15.
You're going to need a bigger (glass bottom) boat.
O'Connor et al., Minneapolis, United States. In Sci Signal, 2012
Studies indicate that glass bottom boat (Gbb) can be processed singly at a prodomain site or a main site to generate two active isoforms, Gbb15 and Gbb38.
Crimpy inhibits the BMP homolog Gbb in motoneurons to enable proper growth control at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction.
Broihier et al., Cleveland, United States. In Development, 2011
Data demonstrate that crimpy (cmpy; CG13253) limits neuronal Gbb activity to permit appropriate regulation of neuromuscular junction growth.
BMP signaling dynamics in the follicle cells of multiple Drosophila species.
Yakoby et al., Camden, United States. In Dev Biol, 2011
Data show that the expression of tkv correlates with the spatial pattern of BMP signaling.
The Cdc42-selective GAP rich regulates postsynaptic development and retrograde BMP transsynaptic signaling.
Lee et al., Seoul, South Korea. In J Cell Biol, 2010
The dRich coordinates the Gbb-dependent modulation of synaptic growth and function with postsynaptic development.
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